The Labyrinth Handmade Doll

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Anyone who knows me knows that one of my all-time favorite movies is the 1980’s Jim Nursery 8Henson movie, ‘The Labyrinth’ starring the legendary David Bowie! When I was little, I used to rewatch the movie over and over again… probably because I had a little crush on Bowie himself!


Since this movie was a big staple in my childhood, I wanted to intertwine it into the nursery for baby Donovan! I had a vision and that vision was to have one of the handmade dolls (goblins) that the main character, Sarah, has in her room to occupy one of the shelves in Donovan’s nursery. With that being said, I went online to see if I could find and buy the doll. Which much disappointment, I could not find what I wanted and the one doll I did like, ended up being $250.00 which I was NOT going to pay! So, I got in my car, headed to Michael’s and decided to give the doll a try myself. The doll was going to be based on the orange goblins in the movie called “The Fireys”.  Here is a photo of the goblin from the room in the movie:FINAL Lab Doll

I screen printed a bunch of photos of the “Fireys” and went to work. It took me  around a month to finally finish the piece, but the end result was more than I expected; I am also very proud that I made something for my Son, while I was pregnant with him. It is personal and something I can always tell him I made by hand for him!


I am over the moon with this doll! Now, I just hope Donovan loves the movie as much as his Mommy does!

Nursery 9“How you turn my world, you precious thing.” – The Labyrinth




  1. The little goblin turned out amazing!

    • Thank you! It was definitely a labor of love!! I would love to try and make all the dolls from the labyrinth!!

  2. Stephanie Hopkins

    Soooo Cute!

  3. This looks awesome and like better than the “real” one. Color is great and definitely has its own personality ☢️. Good job Ashland 👍

  4. Great job. I can just picture Donovan dragging him around by one of those long orange limbs. 😂

  5. Do you sell these?? My best friend and I are obsessed with this movie, and she just found out she is pregnant!!

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