Sugarplum Farm Zoo and Chocolate Shoppe – Temecula, CA

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This weekend we had the opportunity to experience Sugarplum Farm Zoo and Chocolate Shoppe in Temecula. My Dad has actually been talking about wanting to take my Son, Donovan to this place for a really long time so he could experience his first petting zoo. Now that my Son is a bit older and is starting to recognize and sound out animals, I thought this would be the perfect time to take him!

Sugarplum Farms is located in the heart of Temecula Wine Country, which makes it the perfect location to visit when taking a mid-day break away from wine tasting. As you enter Sugarplum Farm Zoo and Chocolate Shoppe you drive up to a quaint cottage at the top of a hill and your eye is immediately drawn to the view of the surrounding vineyards providing a beautiful backdrop as you meet all the animals at the Farm.

Upon arrival, we entered the cottage and met the Owner, Lani Rager who greeted us and immediately went into the history of Sugarplum, introducing us to a rescue Owl named Hibou and Hermes the Hedgehog, which she lets you pet! Sugarplum was started with the mission to combine the owners two loves, chocolate and animals. They actually provide the chocolate to my two favorite wineries in Temecula, South Coast Winery and Carter Estate Winery. If you want to read about my experience at Carter Estate Winery you can read it here.

At the farm you can also purchase their honey, fresh eggs and handmade soaps. The Sugarplum Zoo is actually a therapy zoo where they are able to host all special needs groups. Specifically, their dwarf horse, Odette is a certified pet partner and goes into hospitals once a week to help patients.

Shortly after meeting the owner Lani and listening to her story and passion for animals, we went out to the zoo excited to meet all the animals she loves so much. She gave us a guide pamphlet which listed all the animals’ names, photos and quirky personality traits. She let us know which animals we were able to feed hay to and which animals we needed to keep an eye on (for example – Zeus the Camel likes hats and could steal ours off our heads!)

Now let me tell you, my Son seriously had the best time at Sugarplum! I already knew he loved animals because of how much he loves our dog, Bowie but I never really had seen him this ecstatic to feed and pet animals he had never met before! He was so excited to feed the Alpacas and Llama as well as the Goats. Every time he fed them he would just fill with joy and laughter, it was definitely a moment I will treasure forever! He also became best friends with Daisy the Juliana Pig that freely roams the farm.

Along with some of the animals mentioned above, the farm also has a Zonkey (A combination Zebra and Donkey) along with full Zebra and Donkeys, Crowned Pigeon of New Guinea, Micro Zebu Cow, Micro Mini Horses, Asian Water Buffalo, Steer, Trumpeter Hornbill, Capybara and more!

Overall, we had an amazing experience at Sugarplum Farm Zoo and Chocolate Shoppe and we are very excited to come back and visit again; especially when they start having the wine and zoo shuttle that will take you to the farm from Carter Estate Winery or South Coast Winery! If you are interested in visiting Sugarplum Farm Zoo and Chocolate Shoppe you can check out their website and get more information here.

“I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like, and I can’t say the same thing about people.” – Doris Day

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