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This year, my husband Ryan and I were excited to host Thanksgiving at our home! Being that this was our officially our baby Donovan’s first holiday, it was important to us to have him not only home but celebrate his first holiday in our home. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because it not only circles around family, it slows us down for a day to truly remember and appreciate all the blessings in our lives. I know for me personally, I have a lot these past couple years to be thankful for with Donovan being our main blessing! I know it was important to Ryan and I to have a beautiful Thanksgiving for not only our first as a married couple, but as parents and overall as a family! So, with that being said, I was determined to make the dinner special and using some creative inspiration, began my holiday venture! Of course… as always… starting with Pinterest!!

My creative juices began to flow, and my excitement led to a desire to fill my decorative outlet. I decided to put together a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving table for my family. I teamed up with my Mom and we put our heads together to look for some cute ideas for the dinner. One thing my Mom is superb at is finding decorative pieces and envisioning something even more beautiful to design and create.

After diving into Pinterest, we went out to shop and look for some pieces to inspire the rest of the table. We first found a cranberry wreath at Ross, which we immediately became the centerpiece and focal point of the table. We both LOVE Ross because whether you are looking for clothes, décor or furniture, you really can find some beautiful pieces at excellent prices! We then decided to use one of our older glass hurricane candleholders in the middle of the wreath to add the ambiance of the candle to the table. We found a dark cranberry table cloth at Ross as well, which we thought worked well with the centerpiece and ultimately the overall Thanksgiving holiday. When we were at Ross, we also purchased the placemats for the table to add some texture. Ross is filled with many different options and if you have the time to look through the store, you really can find some treasures for all occasions.


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Following Ross, my Mom and I headed over to Pier 1 Imports and started looking for more table décor. One thing I love about Pier 1, is that the moment you walk into that store, you are immediately immersed in the holiday. When the door hits my bum, I want to become a millionaire, so that I can decorate my home with all their items…… basically, what I am saying, is I would like to live in Pier 1 Imports. After searching through the store, we stumbled upon the decorative fall plates, that were.. wait for it … ON SALE! There were so many options, but we both loved these pieces. Especially because there were owls in some of the plates, and my Mom has an obsession with Owls. (A story for another time on why she loves owls and how many owls she has in her home!) So, with great luck and love we purchased a couple sets of the fall decorative plates at Pier 1 Imports!

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Finally, and as I always do, I headed over to the Dollar Tree and looked for “fill in” décor. A lot of people don’t realize how much you can actually get at the Dollar Tree that can really add some depth and character to your table. The Dollar Tree is where I purchased my glass pumpkins and scarecrows for the buffet table.


The day of Thanksgiving, I woke up early… the moment the stores opened… and headed to my local Stater Bros. At Stater Bros., most of the time, they have a good selection on floral décor and centerpieces; and I had a feeling that they would have some Thanksgiving themed items that day, but I knew I had to beat the crowds. So, I arrived the moment the store opened and set my eyes on the floral cornucopia as well as the two ceramic pumpkin floral pieces! What I loved about all three of these items, is that I would be able to keep the base and make my own pieces next year!

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Overall, we were really happy with how the table turned out and truly had a beautiful Thanksgiving with our Family! At the end of the day, Thanksgiving isn’t about the table, the floral or the food. Thanksgiving is the time to pause and be thankful and recognize all the ways you have been blessed throughout the year! The extra bonus is having a good food and a warm comforting table to gather around at and be the setting to all those blessings!

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Hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving and I look forward to sharing what we have planned for Christmas!

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