Our La Quinta Weekend Getaway at Casa Del Oso – Marble Saturdays

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Hidden away in La Quinta, California is a little piece of paradise waiting for you. Seriously… okay, lets be real. My birthday this year was truly something for the books. My family wanted to treat me to a weekend getaway for my 30thand wanted me to choose the destination. When I started to think it over, all I really wanted was to lay out by the pool, eat good food and be with my family. My Mom decided to go on a hunt through VRBO to search for just that, which led her to find Casa Del Oso: a Mediterranean-style ranch tucked away in the hills of La Quinta.



From the moment you walk into this hidden oasis, you are transformed into the desert utopia you were imagining.  A singular, Olympic blue door invites you beyond the adobe walls into the crown jewel of the entire home; the backyard/front yard. Viewable from every single room of the house, it truly sets the tone of the home and your vacation.

As you enter each room, there is a stunning attention to detail that the owners put into every nook and cranny of this vacation getaway.  Casa Del Oso means “House of the Bear”, and the owners intertwined this theme throughout the entire property. I fell in love with its story and the consistent theme; every room had an ode to bears. We were able to stay in the master bedroom, which was not only spacious and decorated beautifully, but also extremely cozy.





There were also modern touches that helped us feel right at home instantly. Climate control throughout the home battled the 110° weather, set at “ECO” but adjustable to your liking. The house never stood higher than 76°-78° giving us reason to regularly relax in the living room when we weren’t enjoying the pool. A built in SONOS system with a pre-set playlist and the ability to connect your own “tunes” allowed us to set a vacation ambience with a simple app.



What makes this vacation rental so amazing is not just how stunning the property is, it is also very close to destinations like Palm Springs and Coachella. Not to mention a local shopping district in Old Town La Quinta within 5-10 minutes featuring the La Quinta Olive Oil Company, La Quinta Brewing Co, Old Town Coffee Company and much more! Pedego Electric Bikes are even available to take a quick bike ride if you want! More info at http://www.oldtownlaquinta.com


Overall, if you’re looking for a desert vacation getaway then I would highly recommend choosing Casa Del Oso La Quinta as your location. I can’t wait to go back!! If you are interested in booking Casa Del Oso La Quinta for your own vacation, I have linked it here.

Check out a video of our vacation here.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous



  1. Loretta Zimmerman

    Nice resort home. My kind of vacation!
    Also love the Friedo Kahlo pic!

  2. Wow! What a fun hidden gem of a getaway! Love the desert!

  3. I just keep going over and over these photos, it looks so wonderful! I have got to check this out for my upcoming birthday/wedding anniversary. This is such a gem, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful vacation site.

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