Our Day Trip to Palm Springs

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Palm Springs Trees

On our first “day-cation” with Donovan, we decided to join my parents on a road trip to Palm Springs! This was due to the inspiration from the “One Thousand Marbles” story that I refer to in this post:

One Thousand Marbles: A Little Story That Inspired Us

My Mom had this idea to drive out to Palm Springs, head to lunch and then go to the Palm Spring Art Museum. That was the main plan, which we ended up sticking to, with a few little detours throughout the trip!

Being a first time Mom, I wasn’t sure really how much or how little, I needed to pack for a “day-cation” with Donovan. Embarrassingly, I packed a weeks worth of clothes and “everything but the kitchen sink” inside his diaper bag! Fearing that he would mess or spit up on them or need something that I decided not to bring. Of course, as you all probably suspected, I didn’t need that much and we ended up lugging a large diaper bag around Palm Springs! LESSON LEARNED!

Once we arrived in Palm Springs, we started off at a restaurant that my Mother recommended called Acqua California Bistro, which is located in Rancho Mirage, right outside Palm Springs. She originally found this restaurant through the app Yelp as it had great reviews! The restaurant was such a great experience and I am working on review about our experience at the restaurant in a new post shortly.

After lunch, we started heading to the museum using my favorite app for directions, WAZE.

On the way to the museum, something caught my eye; a colorfully attractive hotel, decorated with neon and sprayed with a fluorescent spread of rainbow across its entire canvas. I quickly checked with the family and took a brief detour so that we could take a peek! The hotel ended up being The Saguaro Hotel, which apparently is well-known for its glorious colors! I was able to snap some good photos, and while I was feeding the baby in the car, my husband and Dad were able to enjoy a drink in the lobby! It is such a gorgeous hotel and I do hope one day, on one of our “day-cations”, possibly staying there!

FInal Palm 1



We hit the road again, and finally made it to the Palm Springs Art Musuem! The tickets were not expensive (approximately $12 per adult) and it ended up being such an entertaining experience. From my research, Donovan is now seeing shapes and colors as he develops, so we made it a point to take him out of his stroller and walk him around and let him look at all the art. It was so remarkable to see his eyes light up every time he saw a new piece. Especially the really colorful ones! It made me appreciate the art more, seeing it through his eyes! We will definitely visit this museum again! It looks like they have a lot of different exhibits and events throughout the year!





Palm Springs FInal

Ending the day, we drove down Palm Canyon Drive and ended up parking to see and scout out the stars on the “Walk of Fame”! I was able to find a lot of my favorites there!


There is so much to do on that strip, and I cannot wait to make an actual vacation out of Palm Springs; spending more time in the city! Maybe for my 30th Birthday this year?

On the drive home, we made the tourist pit stop at the Cabazon Dinosaurs. The Museum was closed, but we were able to get some great photos of the Dinosaurs! Since this exhibit is only 30 minutes away from my parents’ house, we plan to bring Donovan back when the museum is open to experience it.

Overall, we all agreed that this was such an amazing day, filled with memories that will last for a lifetime. Looking forward to our next day-cation! We are thinking San Diego? Stay Tuned!

“Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them.” – Bob Dylan

Family palm


FInal Palm pint
1 Day Palm
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  2. Jamie Boozer

    Great story. Looks like you had a good time. Hopefully one day Patsy and I can do that trip with you guys. Miss you all….

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