Our Day At Tom’s Farms

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Toms 1After spending our last two Saturdays away from where we live, we decided to spend this “Marble Saturday” close to home. Read about the inspiration behind what drives us to continue making memories on our Saturdays below:

One Thousand Marbles: A Little Story That Inspired Us

Since our goal was to stay in town, we decided to head over to Tom’s Farms; a family-friendly park filled with restaurants, rides, shops and even a farmers’ market. Tom’s Farms opened in the early 70’s and started out as a produce stand; it did so well that eventually was enhanced into what it is today. It is a quaint gem in Corona and is a place that Ryan and I hope to continue to visit with Donovan as he grows up.

We started off inside the Wine and Cheese Shop, which smells delicious not only because of the fresh bread, but because of the pizza restaurant that is attached to it. Ryan was able to find some craft beers he had been looking for. This store definitely has a rare collection of beer and wine. We ended up purchasing not only Ryan’s beer, but also one of the wines I have been looking for from the 19 Crimes selection. If you do not know what the 19 Crimes Wine Collection is, you definitely need to check out their website and I hope to write a review about them once I am able to try more of their collection!

Toms 4

From there, as we exited the shop, we could hear loud music over where the train station was and headed that way. To our surprise, we found a magic show going on in the area between the carousel and train. Ryan and I decided to sit down and watch some of the show which was of the magician and illusionist Anthony Hernandez. After the show, all the families in the audience headed to buy tickets for the train, so Ryan and I decided went to Tom’s Old Fashioned Burger Stand to get lettuce-wrapped burgers! Not only were the burgers delicious, we decided to sit outside to enjoy our lunch and they had a band playing classic rock in a little area overlooking the water.

Toms 7

After lunch, we headed back to the train and decided to give Donovan his first train ride! The train is so cute and during the holidays the train transforms into a festival of lights train which is a lot of families’ holiday tradition. Donovan was free, so we only had to pay $6.00 for Ryan and I to ride.

Tom’s Farms offers so many different things to do; you can truly make a whole day out of it depending on the events they have. From the shopping, to the food, the farmers’ market and the entertainment, Tom’s truly is a staple in the Temescal area of Corona and you will not be disappointed.

Toms 16

We enjoyed our time at Tom’s Farms and agreed that it was a “marble” well spent. We will be heading back there during the holidays to check out the festival of lights!

My husband also captured the day and featured it on his YouTube channel. Check it out below:

“No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family.” – Unknown


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