Jolly Llama Frozen Desserts – A Luv Ashland Review

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The moment you become a Mom, your life is forever changed. You begin this beautiful and amazingly, worry-filled journey of parenthood. From your child’s health, nutrition, safety, education to making sure they are a well-rounded individual; you are constantly making choices for them, which can cause some intense stress. That is why, when I find a brand that I trust, I am always the first person to share it with all my Mama readers out there! Since my Son has gotten a bit older, we have already introduced almost ALL foods to him and of course, like a large number of toddlers, his favorites have definitely been of the dessert nature. As much as I love to see that adorable grin when he takes a bite into a cookie or ice cream, I am always worried about his nutrition and what actually is IN these desserts that I am allowing my Son to eat. With that being said, I just recently discovered a company called Jolly Llama. Their dessert pops that they proudly describe themselves as, “Deliciously Enlightening Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Dye Free Pops made with whole fruit and vegan friendly love” are absolutely incredible!

Now, to be honest, when I first heard about these I was skeptical about how they would taste and if my Son would even want to take a second bite of these sorbet pops. I am happy to report, that not only did my Son finish his sorbet pop, he wanted to eat mine as well! I honestly, could not believe how DELICIOUS the Jolly Llama pops were, and how much my Son loved them.

The best thing about these pops is the pure fact that, as a parent, I don’t have to worry about the ingredients in these desserts before giving them to my Son. That is why I am SO excited to share this product with you all; not only introduce you to some yummy desserts, but to also give you, as a parent, back some peace of mind and confidence when giving your child something to eat. There is nothing better than supporting a brand that you can trust and a company that stands by what they promote. If you want to know where you can purchase Jolly Llama in your local area, you can search it here.

“Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.” – Unknown

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