DIY Easter Centerpieces Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

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Easter is coming, and it’s a time for family gatherings and, of course, Easter traditions. In the spring, it’s time for new beginnings and fresh starts, which means it’s time to brighten up your home with some fresh and new Easter decorations. There’s nothing more appealing than beautiful Easter centerpieces to welcome your family and friends.

It’s a time to celebrate the eternal hope that we all have. It’s a time to be grateful for all that we have. It’s a time to remember that there is more to life than just ourselves. So, it’s no wonder why Easter is one of the most popular times of the year.


Happen to be hosting Easter dinner this year? Make sure your table is filled with spring cheer and gorgeous floral arrangements by following the beautiful Easter centerpieces ideas below. From simple bouquets of blooms to bold, colorful Easter-themed arrangements, it doesn’t matter what kind of centerpiece you’re looking for — we’ve got you covered! 


  • Easter cake and painted eggs on a wooden table
Easter Centerpieces cake with eggs

This Easter centerpiece is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. This Easter centerpiece includes a chocolate and vanilla cake on a plate with hand-painted eggs and chocolates on a wooden table. You can add a decorated bunny too. This Easter centerpiece is a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

  • Decorative Ceramic Plates Setting with Flowers and Eggs for A Perfect Easter Table Setting
Easter Centerpieces - blue plate

Combine your love for Easter with your passion for decorating for spring with a set of ceramic plates decorated with ceramic eggs and flowers with a bow-tied fork and knife on plates. 

With their cool colors, beautiful ceramic design, and charming floral detail, these Easter Decorative plates are an eye-catching centerpiece for Easter celebrations! These are large enough to hold a variety of your favorite Easter treats!

  • Easter cake and Easter eggs festive celebration table and a cute white bunny
Easter Centerpieces with easter cake

Celebrate the festive season and make your guests happy by adding festive centerpieces. Featuring Easter cake and Easter eggs, our centerpiece also includes a cute white bunny that will bring joy to your Easter table. Let the festivities begin!

  • Easter candles on wooden table
Easter Centerpieces egg candles

You know the dishes, a basket of eggs and some plastic grass. What if that could be a beautiful candle centerpiece? Enjoy a fun weekend craft project with the kids by creating beautiful and colorful candle centerpieces for a perfect summer feel this Easter.

  • Painted eggs on a plate with blue flowers and green grass for a Spring Feel. Place them on a yellow mat for a bright look.
Easter Centerpieces little eggs with floral

Looking for a modern Easter centerpiece that’s a little different? Surprise your family and friends with these cleverly decorated Easter eggs. Put them on a plate, add grass and flowers for a nice spring fee, and then place the plate on your table in the center of the mat. This can be an excellent Easter centerpiece for your Spring table.

  • Festive composition Easter eggs in a white bowl
Easter Centerpieces - eggs in cup

These Easter egg centerpieces are so easy to make and look beautiful! Give the small children in your family a job and let them create their own Easter arrangements with a few simple supplies.

  • Easter Décor on Plates
Yellow Spring Plate

It’s easy to turn your Easter centerpiece into a spring-themed table setting by adding pretty little flowers along with a few other pretty accents like eggs or berries on a plate. If you want to add some color but a more tropical feel to your table setting, this is a great idea to try.

  • A basket filled with Easter eggs and flowers and a card with a greeting for Easter
Easter Centerpieces - colored eggs in basket

This Easter Centerpiece is all you need to make your Easter special and will make your house look like a million bucks, too. Bring out the bright colors and the Spring Cheer with this delightful decor. A perfect addition to your Spring Decor!

If you’ve been searching for a DIY Easter centerpiece that can be assembled in a few steps for your Easter table without spending extra bucks, you are in a real treat! Stay with us to learn how to make the most economical yet beautiful DIY Easter centerpiece in 15 minutes. 


Easter Sunday is right around the corner, and what better way to prepare for that annual family dinner than a SUPER easy DIY Easter Centerpiece! If you haven’t checked out our recent blog post about Easter Table Décor (which I am super proud of), you can check it out here

I wanted to bring a DIY Easter centerpiece that not only looks bright and beautiful but also a centerpiece that wasn’t too expensive and didn’t break the bank. I wanted to make this décor-piece yellow, white and bright, but I was not sure what I was going to incorporate to make it Easter-themed! 

But we all know that the three things that we ALWAYS loved to have in our Easter Basket as kids were Jelly Beans, Peeps, and a Chocolate Easter Bunny! Well, I didn’t want to make a chocolate centerpiece shaped like a bunny, so that idea was out! 

We love Peeps, and we love Jelly Beans. With that being said, I chose them for the Easter centerpiece. Another reason to add them is that my son actually tried his first Peep this year, and after enjoying an entire Peep, he immediately wanted to eat a dozen more, so I am pretty sure he is a fan! 

I already owned the cylinder vases; however, they just had diamonds glued on them. So I somehow managed to remove the diamonds and cleaned off the vases so that they were clear. I linked other vases for you below if you want to order some for your table; they are great and can be used all year long!

This DIY Easter centerpiece ended up being SUPER easy, and we did it in 15 minutes. I am so proud of how it turned out and am very excited to show you exactly how I did it by involving my son in this creative and fun adventure.

Now the wait is over! Let’s dive into the world of creativity to show some love to our loved ones this Easter season. 

What you will need:


  • First off, take your small cylinder and fill it a quarter of the way with water. (It is vital to fill it with water first, so it doesn’t slip around when filling it with Jelly Beans.)
  • Place the small cylinder inside of the large cylinder.
  • Slowly, start filling your Jelly Beans in the space between the large vase and small vase. Fill it up a little lower than halfway. (You want your Peeps to be about halfway.)
  • Take your Peeps and line them around the vase. (Note – it is easier if you keep the Peeps intact as much as you can instead of ripping them all apart.)
  • Once your Peeps make a full circle, push them all up to the glass and start filling behind them with Jelly Beans. If a Jelly Bean gets in front of the Peep, you can take a butter knife and fish it out that way.
  • Fill the remainder of the cylinder with Jelly Beans.
  • Take your flowers and start arranging them. We chose yellow and white to be our floral colors, but you can choose just one color if you want or multiple. Be creative. Cut the flowers so that they fit the cylinder and make some taller and shorter to make it taper down.
  • Once you have your flowers arranged in the way you want them, take your arrangement and place it on your table. Voila! You have a gorgeous Easter centerpiece that you and your family can enjoy this Sunday!

Everybody knows that Easter is a festive family celebration, but how can you make Easter Dinner special? If you want to create a joyful atmosphere for your Easter Dinner, you may need this attractive DIY Easter centerpiece. 

Easter Centerpieces - bunnies with peeps

This stunning centerpiece on the Easter Table will definitely bring a cheerful atmosphere to your Easter Dinner. Whether you are a host or a guest, you will feel like you are in the middle of the spring garden. 

With this Easter Centerpiece, your Easter Dinner is guaranteed to be a success. Your Easter Table will be the center of attention when you decorate it with this Easter Centerpiece. Don’t forget the decorations and don’t forget the festive meal! Check out our recipes for the Easter menu to throw an unforgettable dinner at home.

“Easter, the only time it’s okay to put all your eggs in one basket!” – Unknown

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