DIY Homemade Christmas Wreath

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Growing up, my sister and I have always been into “do it yourself” crafts; mainly because we were raised by two artists. Our Dad is a design engineer and our Mother was a working artist for a photo lab and is a “jack of all trades” when it comes to anything artsy-fartsy! One of my sister’s first jobs was working for a local florist in our hometown. There, she picked up a lot of experience in floral design and has since used it to create and design crafts for her home. A couple weeks ago, she went to Michaels for the sale and decided to create her own Christmas wreath for her home. Below was her finished creation:

Christmas Wreath

After I saw her post, I immediately wanted to jump in and create my own Christmas wreath. I loved the idea of this personal holiday decoration, because not only was the wreath cute and stylish, it allowed the creator to add a personal touch and make it special to them. It is also a unique and personal item to have in your home. I set up a date with my sister for us to head to Michaels for materials and to teach me how to make my own homemade Christmas wreath. We thought it would be fun to document our day and show how we made our new personal holiday decoration for our homes!

First off, Michaels is a great place to shop for your creative ventures due to all the amazing sales they have. From our Michaels shopping venture, there wasn’t one thing that we bought that wasn’t on sale. (YAY) As I am sure all you agree, keeping more money in your pocket is always desired!



We spent about 20 minutes in Michaels searching for the right wreath, ornaments and finding the proper tools to use to make the wreath. From our shopping adventure we purchased the following:

  • 1 wreath (basic wreath to use as the base)
  • 2 pine cone birds
  • 1 green floral wire
  • 1 spool of spiral plaid ribbon
  • 1 plush plaid owl ornament
  • 1 plaid jacket ornament
  • 1 metal sled ornament
  • 1 wood camper trailer ornament
  • 1 hanging bells
  • 1 large jingle bell




From there it was back home to set up our workstation and start creating!

Step 1: We took our base wreath, determined where the bottom would be and tied a knot with ribbon. We then wrapped the plaid ribbon around the wreath specifically where we wanted the plaid to show. At the end, we tied another knot to secure and tied a large bow (which took multiple attempts to perfect!!) to finish off the plaid.


Step 2: We took our hanging dangly bells and cut enough wire to attach the bells to the wreath. Since all of the ornaments have rope to hang, we utilized the rope and tied the wire to it to pull through the wreath and secure. The key is to use the rope attached to the ornament to secure and pull tightly to the wreath; this not only hid the wire, but secured the ornament so that it would be able to handle the outside weather and the opening and closing of the door. Next, we attached the large red bell in the middle of the bow the same way we attached the dangly bells.

Step 3: From there, we took all of our ornaments and placed them where we thought they looked best! This is the best part of the project, as this is where you can design and really create the uniqueness of the wreath! Once the ornaments are placed where you want them, you then attach each of them again with the wire the same way you did with the bells.

Step 4: Final touches! After all your ornaments are attached, take a step back from your wreath and start adding your final touches. This can be fluffing up the wreath itself, fluffing and stretching the ribbon, tightening or loosening the ornaments… really take this time to perfect your wreath!


Step 5: Hang that baby on the door and enjoy!

Blog 2

Overall, I am very pleased with my final piece! I picked the ornaments because they reminded me of my Papa, who passed away a couple of years back. He was notoriously known for wearing plaid shirts, and if it was up to him, he would spend every day camping and fishing. I love the idea of creating anything custom, because it makes it your own and whenever you look at it, it always reminds you of something special! In my case, every time I look at this wreath, I am not only reminded of my Papa, but also the amazing day, I spent with my sister creating it! Life is about love and family and making those memories that last a lifetime! Please enjoy and I would love to see any wreaths you have made or make in the future!

Blog 3.jpg

diy wreath





  1. I love it ladies! They are so cute. I wish I had some time to make my own. Probably dog themed as always. ❤️

    • It really only took about an hour! You should spend a day with Morgan and have her take you to Michaels and you can do a dog themed one!

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