DIY Confetti Balloons

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I LOVE balloons! What they stand for, what they look like and how they make people feel when you show up with them for a ‘congratulations’ or a surprise party! Not many people know this about me, but growing up, I used to do balloon art at our church festivals. I like to think I was alright… I mean… the kids enjoyed them! I do know that I for SURE mastered the balloon dog!

Whenever I throw a party, I normally try to incorporate some kind of balloon feature to add that extra sparkle to the party! Last year, I took on a whole balloon sculpture for New Years! I got the inspiration from Pinterest and got all my supplies from Party City! To be blatantly honest, it was very much “trial and error” as I popped a LOT of balloons to get the champagne bubbles! Haha!


Before taking on a sculpture like that, I wanted to share an easier way to add some “Sparkle and Bling” to your party! Confetti Balloons!

All you actually need to make these is paper or foil confetti, balloons, helium and ribbon; you can actually make the confetti out of construction paper if you choose. I purchased this gold tassel garland from Target and the balloons from Party City. I cut the gold foil garland to make the confetti. You want to make sure not to get heavy confetti, because then when you fill up your balloons with helium, they will not float. (I learned that the hard way!)

The instructions are easy, fill a handful of your confetti into you clear balloon and fill up your balloon with helium. To get the confetti to stick you will need to create static electricity! With that being said, you can do two things – Rub the balloons on the carpet OR do what I did and rub them all on someone’s (in this case my husband’s) head! Shake the balloon, tie a ribbon around it and VOILA you made your confetti balloon!

I LOVE these balloons for New Years, because it adds that special gold sparkle you need to ring in the coming year! What is great about this project is that you can change the confetti to whatever color you want for whatever party you want: red/pink for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s, or red, white and blue for the 4th of July!

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I hope you like them and are able to add some balloon “sparkle” to your New Years Eve Party!

Happy 2018!!


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  1. They look very pretty 🙂

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