DIY Children’s Craft – Paper Towel Racecars

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I am always on the lookout for activities that are cheap and fun with my toddler. One of my favorite memories with my Mom was doing crafts and making memories with her, which is why it was so important to me to pass those memories to my kids. Since we are in quarantine due to COVID19, we have been getting pretty creative in our household when it comes to activities and crafts; I really hit the parenting magazines and Pinterest to see what we can do in regard to crafts with household items. That is where I found parents making little animals out of their paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Since our Son is really into cars right now, I thought I could recreate this and have him make his own racecars. Follow along below to see all the material we used and how we created this fun and cheap craft with our toddler!

DIY Children’s Craft: Paper Towel Racecars

Materials needed:

  • Paper Towel Roll (1 roll makes 2 cars) OR Toilet Paper Roll (1 roll makes 1 car.)
  • Paint (Non-Toxic)
  • Paint Brush
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue


  • We normally do everything inside of our kitchen to avoid a mess, laying down some newspapers for easy clean up but wherever you have your craft station will be fine.
  • Start by cutting the paper towel rolls in half.
  • Using your pencil or pen, draw out the seat and window of the car and cut the lines.
  • Give the cars to your child and allow them to start painting and using their creative genius.
  • On the construction paper, cut out the wheels and numbers. We numbered the cars by the years we were all born as something fun and personal.
  • After your kids are done painting, set the cars off to the side to dry.
  • Once the cars are dry glue on the wheels and numbers. Let dry.
  • Once everything is dry, you can hand them to your kids and let their imagination soar!!

Enjoy and have fun!

“Craftiness is Happiness!” – Unknown


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