A Luv Ashland Review: Au Savon De Provence – “The Soap of Marseille”

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A couple weeks ago, on our traditional “Marble Saturday”, we spent the day in Old Town Temecula. Check the story out here: Our Day in Old Town Temecula

During that day, we discovered a quaint, elegant soap shop in the heart of Old Town Temecula. Au Savon De Provence opened their doors in Temecula and is run by a husband and wife from the south of France. The moment we walked into the store, we were warmly greeted by Lydia, the owner, who took the time to tell us the story of Au Savon De Provence, which is known for “The Soap of Marseille,” (Le Savon de Marseille). The soap of Marseille is a traditional hard soap, made from oils that have been produced around Marseille, France for approximately 600 years.



Lydia and her husband, Xavier spent time with us explaining the history of their soap and the story of their store. The moment you walk into the store, you are engulfed in a gorgeous aroma, which we found out is all natural true scents. Not the faux smells we are used to in our soaps and body wash.



I decided to purchase a couple different soaps for myself; Rose, Red Wine Soap and I ended up randomly picking up a white bar of soap. When I went to go pay for them, Xavier let me know that the white bar of soap I aimlessly threw in my basket was a good choice. I of course asked why, and he let me know it was made of Donkey’s Milk. My eyes popped right out of my head as I nervously chuckled and said, well then, lets put that back. He then proceeded to let me know that it is called “Queen’s Milk!” Intrigued, I smelled the soap and asked why. Xavier explained that the Queen Cleopatra herself ONLY bathed in Donkey’s Milk. Apparently, it is believed that she bathed in it to preserve her beauty and youth. Historically, donkey milk is used often as a treatment to revitalize skin! Well, I am sure there are other new Mamas out there who are in the same boat as me when it comes to those pregnancy stretch marks (I ended up getting them on my legs.) I kid you NOT when I tell you I have been using this soap to scrub my legs in the bath and they are now almost completely gone! My legs are beginning to look like they did in high school! BRING ON THE DONKEY MILK! If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, then it’s good enough for me!

If you find yourself in Old Town Temecula soon, I highly recommend heading over to Au Savon De Provence!


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