A Luv Ashland Restaurant Review: The Goat & Vine

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Tucked away in the heart of Old Town Temecula is a charming rustic-chic restaurant called The Goat & Vine. On one of our “Marble Saturdays” we decided to try this stone hearth kitchen in Old Town Temecula. Please check out the story and YouTube video here:

I originally stumbled upon this place through Yelp. Since my Husband and I are making it a point to spend our Saturdays “on-purpose” we have been taking the time to plan them out. The Goat and Vine was one of the top rated restaurants that I found on Yelp and when I checked out their reviews and Instagram, I was extremely interested in trying this place out.

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The moment you walk into the restaurant, you are immediately drawn to the attractive rustic style of the restaurant. Since we went on a Saturday, the restaurant was hopping. The Hostess recognized that we had a baby and we asked if we would be able to sit near the back, or at a booth, if possible. To accommodate us, she placed us in one of their smaller private spaces in the back, which I loved! The restaurant is owned by a Husband and Wife, power couple, Brad and Alicia Trevithick who just opened up their second restaurant in Old Town Temecula called, The Nightingale. (We hope to try it soon!)

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As always, when we sat down to eat, we asked for recommendations. The server immediately suggested “The Goat” pizza which held the namesake of the restaurant, as well as “The Goat & Vine” salad. I ordered the pizza and my Mom ordered the salad. My Dad ended up ordering the “Coast by Coast Rueben Sandwich” and my Husband ordered “The Purist” pizza with pepperoni. As an appetizer we ended up ordering a charcuterie board, which we all highly recommend, even as something to munch as you enjoy your beer or wine.Goat 1

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I want to take a moment to talk about this pizza. HOLY SMOKES people! I want to start off by saying, that the first job that I ever had was working at a pizzeria and because I know “how the sausage is made” I do like to think of myself as somewhat of a critic when it comes to pizza. Well, when I took my first bite of “The Goat” pizza, my taste buds took charge and forced me to inhale the rest of the pie instantly. My Family couldn’t shut me up with how much I LOVED this pizza. First off, I want to say, if you are not a fan of goat cheese, then I wouldn’t recommend it; but on the other hand, if you are, then stop what you are doing right now and get in your car and drive to “The Goat & Vine” and order this pie. I am not pulling your leg. If there is pizza in heaven, then I am pretty sure this is what it tastes like.


Overall, the Goat & Vine has so much to offer, from the service to the food. We all agreed that this place will become “go-to” for our family when we visit Old Town. My whole family gives The Goat & Vine two thumbs up!

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“You can’t buy happiness…but you can buy Pizza… and that’s kind of the same thing.”


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