A Luv Ashland Restaurant Review: Acqua California Bistro

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Two Saturdays ago we went to Palm Springs with my family for the beginning of our “1000 Marble” Saturdays referenced in this post:

One Thousand Marbles: A Little Story That Inspired Us

During that “day-cation” we went to the Acqua California Bistro for lunch. Acqua California Bistro is located in Rancho Mirage, which is just outside of Palm Springs. The moment you park and start walking to the restaurant you are surrounded by a lake-like water feature that sets the tone and the ambiance of the entrance of the restaurant. The bright colors of the restaurant immediately make you feel as if you stepped back in time into old Hollywood, looking for a seat next to Clark Gable and Lucille Ball; with my obsession and love of all things classic Hollywood, I immediately gasped with excitement. At this moment, the food could have been horrible and I still would have come back simply for the feel and classic/modern look the restaurant portrays the moment you walk into it.

We sat inside the restaurant looking out towards the connected patio, which looked over the water. The entire restaurant was filled with pops of color that added a modern feel to it, similar to a comic book. If I had the budget for it, I would definitely rent out this restaurant for a birthday party or something fun!



Let’s talk about the menu! Holy SMOKES! The menu is filled with so many different options! From lobster rolls to pan-seared scallops, gluten-free options and vegan choices, the selection was broad. My Mom ordered a spicy Bloody Mary and my husband ordered an India Pale Ale from the brewery next door, which he LOVED! I ended up ordering the lobster roll; as the waiter recommended it to us he mentioned that they also make it low-carb by wrapping it in lettuce (which I did!). For an appetizer, we ordered the shrimp cocktail and an ahi tuna tower. My Mom ended up ordering the salmon, which she raved about the entire lunch… and who wouldn’t love a restaurant that serves cotton candy for dessert?

Overall, I would give this restaurant two thumbs up (or 5 stars)! From the atmosphere, to the service, to the delicious food and selection, I hope to go back soon to try it for breakfast or even dinner!



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  1. My mouth is watering! Looks like fun and delicious!

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