5 Reasons Why Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer is Better

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For the last couple years, my family and I have slowly transitioned our house to a more non-toxic home. Non-toxic hand sanitizer was one of the items that was an easy fix for us; although, I worried if the sanitizer that I chose ended up doing the job or not.

At first, when researching ways to live a more non-toxic lifestyle, I was very overwhelmed. Since there is so much information out there regarding toxins and living non-toxic, I got analysis paralysis and had NO IDEA where to begin. It also could be expensive to completely change your lifestyle.

Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer - Stuvz Hand Sanitizer

For these reasons, I committed to making small attainable changes to our home. Every time I ran out of something, I committed to replacing that thing with something non-toxic. Cleaner, make-up, pots and pans… the list goes on!

Changing our hand sanitizer was a fast, affordable and easy change that pretty much anyone can do!

Why a Non-Toxic Lifestyle Changed My Life

At the end of 2019 I took my health into my own hands. After many years of weight gain, depression, anxiety, and YEARS of my doctor blaming my so-called “problem” on my laziness and “woman issues;” I finally had enough. After much research and a new doctor, I ended up being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid.

Upon being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease I fell down the rabbit hole of research and acted; part of that action was a lifestyle change. I focused on what I ate, what I put in (and on) my body and slowed my pace down to help promote a more stress-free lifestyle.

After reading a couple of books about healing Hashimoto’s Disease naturally, I made the commitment to slowly transitioning my home to be more non-toxic. I read that by transitioning our household to being more non-toxic, we would reduce body inflammation, maintain brain health, help maintain a healthy weight, protect our kids (since they are more vulnerable and sensitive to chemical exposure), increase our energy, and SO MUCH MORE!

If you would like to begin to start transitioning to living a more non-toxic life, I highly recommend starting with your hand sanitizer and switching to a company like Stuvz Hand Sanitizer.

5 Reasons Why Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer is Better

Stuvz Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer Kills the Same Amount of Bacteria

One of my biggest worries about switching to a non-toxic hand sanitizer was whether it would do the same job as mainstream sanitizers and if it was truly protecting my family.  Stuvz sanitizes and kills the same amount of bacteria as other hand sanitizers. This means that this non-toxic hand sanitizer is just as effective without the harsh smells!

It Does Not Contain Methanol

Obviously, the main thing that I hate about normal hand sanitizers, is the fact that they are toxic for my family. I worry about what kind of toxins are leaking into me and my kids’ skin, which adds to the list of worries us Moms already go through daily. Stuvz does not contain methanol, which is toxic and what many brands pump into their hand-sanitizers. 

Contains Hyaluronic Acid

Stuvz Hand Sanitizer contains hyaluronic acid, which is a dermatologist-recommended ingredient in skincare products. Hyaluronic acid promotes healthier and more supple skin as well as hydrates by binding water to skin cells. It strengthens skin as well as protects the body from harmful toxins!

The Scent is SO MUCH BETTER!

Containing lavender oil, which is an anti-inflammatory, Stuvz Hand Sanitizer also contains  antibacterial properties making it not only smell good, but also diligent on getting the job done. The subtle scent masks that unpleasant alcohol odor without overpowering or lingering around. On top of all these benefits lavender oil naturally promotes calmness and relaxation, SIGN ME UP!

Contains Jojoba Easters

Jojoba Esters, which reduce dryness that leads to flaky, rough, splitting skin is also an ingredient inside of this non-toxic hand sanitizer.  Jojoba Esters contain antioxidants that protect the skin and seal in moisture for lasting hydration. They also fight skin aging by diminishing fine lines and increasing the firmness of the skin!

Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer - Stuvz

Stuvz Hand Sanitizer

Stuvz Hand Sanitizer is a family-owned company located in Colorado and is committed to creating a non-toxic hand sanitizer for your family and the community. Stuvz believes that hand sanitizer is the newest daily necessity as we navigate this so-called ‘new normal’. Not only does Stuvz create non-toxic hand sanitizer, but they are also committed to giving back to their community. Stuvz is committed to donating 10,000 bottles of Stuvz hand sanitizer to non-profits, schools, local events, hospitals, community centers, and other organizations in 2021. Supporting a company like Stuvz is not only a conscious purchase for your health, but also for the community. Check out Stuvz Hand Sanitizer Here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Why is non-toxic hand sanitizer better?

Normal or mainstream hand sanitizers, most of the time, contain toxins that can be harsh and toxic for our skin.

Does non-toxic hand sanitizer kill bacteria?

Obviously, everyone needs to do their own research when switching to different products for their family, but I personally recommend Stuvz. Stuvz sanitizes and kills the same amount of bacteria as other hand sanitizers. This means that this non-toxic hand sanitizer is just as effective without the harsh smells!

Is hand sanitizer toxic?

Stuvz does not contain methanol, which is toxic and what many brands pump into their hand-sanitizers. 

This post entitled “5 Reasons Why Non-Toxic Hand Sanitizer is Better”, also reviews my experience with Stuvz Hand Sanitizer. This LuvAshland post is sponsored through by Stuvz Hand Sanitizer.

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