A Getaway in Temecula Wine Country

Last weekend, my Husband and I had the opportunity to slow down and have a STAYCATION back in my hometown, Temecula. Since it was Mother’s Day weekend, my Husband took charge and planned the whole thing, starting with choosing Carter Estate Winery Resort for our accommodations. This resort is in the heart of wine country and cuddles up to the rolling hills of Temecula Valley. Before we went on our little getaway, I checked out their website and was immediately sent to the photo of a private bungalow’s patio, sitting literally in the middle of a vineyard; seriously, a VINEYARD…you cannot get anymore wine country than that!

Photo Credit: Carter Estate Winery Resort http://www.carterestatewinery.com

When you arrive at Carter Estate, you are directed to head down a path towards the resort, hidden away past an orchard of olive trees (side note: they make their own olive oil, which we tasted at the wine tasting room, but more of that later). As you continue up the path you slowly arrive at the resort. It truly makes you feel as if you are heading to a private estate in the middle of gorgeous wine country. The trees are luscious and everything is green and beautiful!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the front desk and resort employees, which were all so wonderful throughout our time there and went above and beyond to make our stay relaxing and enjoyable.

We headed to our room, which was located right in the middle of the property. The moment we walked in, my attention was immediately brought to the patio and the two chairs looking over the vineyard. They truly designed these rooms with the focal point placed on the breathtaking view of the vineyards steps away from your room.

The rest of the room was also gorgeous, plenty of room for a large king-size bed, seating area, dining area and HUGE bathroom with a large tub and walk-in shower. As a side note, when I walked into the bathroom, I immediately noticed the luxury soaps and gels they had in the shower and sink, all of them spa-themed and all of them with essential oils! I most definitely treated myself and took a bath with those soaps later on! So relaxing!

My Husband had made reservations at South Coast Winery’s restaurant The Vineyard Rose; South Coast Winery Resort and Spa is a neighboring property, which is also owned by Vintner Jim Carter and the Carter Family. This meant we were on a schedule and had to head out to do some wine tasting prior to dinner. Since Carter Estate Winery and South Coast Winery are sister properties, they offer a shuttle back and forth between the wineries and resort for convenience. With that being said, if you stay at Carter Estate Winery Resort, you also get all the perks like the GrapeSeed Spa, The Vineyard Rose Restaurant and Wine Tasting Room that South Coast offers, just head to the front desk and let them know you want to be shuttled over.

We ended up doing a wine tasting at the Carter Estate Winery and Resort Tasting Room, recognizable as a large amber-colored estate located at the front of the resort off of Rancho California Road, a main road of the wineries in Temecula.

Photo Credit: Carter Estate Winery Resort http://www.carterestatewinery.com

The winery itself is so elegant and has plenty of seating at the tasting bar as well as seating throughout the room. Upon arrival, we were offered our first tasting as well as the option to do some olive oil tasting, which we of course wanted – it was so tasty! I am not just a big fan of wine, I am also a big fan of champagne or sparkling wine. So when my Husband let me know that Carter also makes and bottles their own sparkling wine, using a process called Méthode Champenoise, I was so excited to start this tasting.

What I learned at Carter Estate is that while champagne can only be made in the Champagne region of France, from grapes only grown there, Méthode Champenoise may be used on bottle-fermented sparkling wines made anywhere outside of the Champagne region. The Carter Estate Winery wine makers utilize the Méthode Champenoise process, a traditional and labor-intensive method, to create their elegant sparkling wines. Now, let me tell you, everything there was so delicious, but my personal favorite, which I tasted twice was the Blanc De Noir which has notes of strawberry and raspberry and is one of the most elegant and delicious sparkling wines I have ever tasted! (We bought a bottle to add to our wine cabinet at home.) I highly recommend taking time to experience the tasting room at Carter Estate is well worth it. Please have a glass of Blanc De Noir for me when you go!

After our tasting, we then headed to South Coast Winery Resort and Spa to The Vineyard Rose Restaurant for dinner. I will be reviewing this restaurant and writing a post about it soon, but to give you a sneak peek, it was delicious and if you go before I write the post, you have to order the calamari fries! I have been dreaming about them since that night and cannot wait to go back and enjoy them again! YUM! Stay Tuned!

After dinner, we headed back up to Carter Estate Winery and Resort and my Husband decided to head to the front desk to order a bottle of champagne. I tell you this because Carter Estate not only chilled it, they also delivered to our room on ice with two flutes… hospitality at its finest! We decided to sit outside to enjoy the remainder of daylight on the patio overlooking the vineyards with our sparkling wine in hand. To be honest, being a Stay-at-Home Mom, it was SO NICE to just sit, sip wine and stare off into gorgeous vineyards, without worrying about all the “Mom duties” that I normally have to worry about. Big thank you to my Husband!

Photo Credit: Carter Estate Winery Resort http://www.carterestatewinery.com

One final thing I would like to note is that they also deliver a continental breakfast to your room the next morning. You are able to choose what is delivered and at what time, which was so lovely and is also included with your stay.

Photo Credit: Carter Estate Winery Resort http://www.carterestatewinery.com

Overall, Carter Estate Winery Resort is truly the epitome of luxury and relaxation in the heart of Temecula Valley Wine Country.  I, again, highly recommend visiting this resort and making a weekend out of it. It truly was a relaxing and beautiful “staycation” and I cannot wait to come back again!

Photo Credit: Carter Estate Winery Resort http://www.carterestatewinery.com

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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