DIY St. Patrick’s Day Kid Craft

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend and I thought, what better a time to do a fun craft with my Son to commemorate this festive holiday! Recently, I have also wanted to build up the holiday décor in my home and felt, similarly to my DIY Halloween Craft, a cute handprint St. Patrick’s Day DIY craft would be perfect to add to my collection and to place on my mantle. With this craft you will only need 4 items, making this craft super affordable! I also want to prepare you and your Little One with this craft so that the experience is great for you both! To get the best results and to have fun doing it all really depends on the mood of your child and how you prepare them for it. The first time we did this, we prepared my Son for it by saying things like “OHHHHH HOW COOL!! OHHH HOW NEAT” and kept the overall mood of everything happy and calm (this was during my DIY Halloween Craft). This time, I unfortunately didn’t do that and the moment we painted his hand, WORLD WAR BABY happened. You can actually see his little cry-face in one of the photos below. After I talked to him and showed him how cool it was, it was a little easier but I think if I would have better prepared him for it, it would have been a better experience for him… and a better experience for MAMA! Don’t make my mistake! Also, do not get frustrated if you do all of this and your Little One is still having a hard time. Just taking a little break and coming back to it can also do wonders.  We did this craft in 20 minutes, but it will be something that we can display in our house during St. Patrick’s Day for a lifetime. So… let’s continue my DIY Crafting Holiday Series and let me show you how you can do a SUPER easy and AFFORDABLE craft with your child for St. Patrick’s Day.

You can create this DIY craft in 5 easy steps!

All you will need is:


  • Step 1: Squirt some green paint out onto the paper plate.
  • Step 2: Wash and dry your Little One’s hands. You can now either place your child’s hand directly onto the paper plate or use the paint brush and paint your child’s hand. I use the paint brush method because it ensures that they get paint all over their hand.
  • Step 3: We are making a 4 leaf clover, so you will need to position the canvas to make sure the leaf of the clover is where you want it to be on the canvas. A helpful tip is to bring the canvas to your child, instead of your child to the canvas. As you can see with my canvas one of them went a little haywire when we brought my Son to the canvas but remember mistakes are beautiful and it gives your art piece some character! Once you make your first imprint, then just spin the canvas and make the other 3 imprints. After you are done with your 4 leaves immediately take your child to the sink and wash your child’s hands with soap and water.
  • Step 4: Paint a little green stem to your clover. I freehanded it, but you can always look at mine as a guide if you need it. Let dry for 10 minutes.
  • Step 4: Take the permanent marker and write you child’s name on it, year or age. Let dry overnight. Then you are able to display your masterpiece!

“In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations.” – Anonymous


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