My Two Valentines: A Gift for My Husband’s first Valentine’s Day as a Dad

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This is my first Valentine’s Day where I actually have two Valentines; my Husband and my 3-month old son, Donovan (lucky me)! Since it is my husband’s first Valentine’s Day as a Dad, I wanted to do something special for him to remind him how blessed I feel to have him as my partner and a Father to our Son. One thing that we love are personalized gifts that are thought out and carry deep meaning for each other. For a wedding gift and his 40th Birthday, I surprised him with a Yamaha Baby Grand Piano; he gifts me every night by playing that piano for both me and our Son. I knew that I set the bar high with that gift, so I wanted to make sure that this Valentine’s Day was well-planned and that my gift to him carried that deep meaning; reminding him how much I love him with each passing minute.

Ever since becoming a new Mom, I have had a lot of time for reflection in regard to the things that are most important in my life and it always begins and revolves around my new little family! Time is so precious when you are a parent. The moment you hold that little baby in your arms for the first time, it seems like the clock starts to tick faster. Every moment away from them seems like hours and every moment with them makes you feel like time stands still but yet moves so fast. I started contemplating different ideas for his Valentine’s Day gift, and then I found Jord Watches.

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Jord watches are the finest in luxury, all-natural, wooden watches; each piece authentically hand-crafted. As many of you all know, I love the personalized touch and feel that hand-crafting anything brings, so when finding this company and falling in love with the detailed work of their watches, I knew that I needed to gift one of these to my husband for Valentine’s Day. After skimming through the website in the unique Men’s Shop page, my eye was drawn to the Ebony & Copper Dover Series watch. I fell in love with the versatility and luster this self-winding skeleton watch portrayed in the photo; I knew that my husband would love it and that it would look handsome on his wrist. Their website also went into great detail about ebony wood and the beauty of having that particular wood within this timepiece. As an added bonus to this already-beautiful piece, I also noticed that Jord allows you to customize the watch and its cedar watch box case with personalized engraving. From that moment, I knew this would be the perfect gift for his first Valentine’s Day. It not only represents the meaning and importance of time with each other, but it also is personalized just for him. My Husband fell in love with the watch and let me know that he will treasure it.


Whether you are looking for that special man or woman in your life, Jord truly delivers on quality and elegance matched with a personalized touch for your loved one.

I am so excited to be sharing some good news with you all! Jord and I have partnered together and they are offering a giveaway! One lucky Luv Ashland reader who enters the giveaway, will receive a $100 gift code to be used to purchase your timepiece! To add onto this giveaway, Jord is also giving 10% off to every single Luv Ashland reader, who enters the giveaway! The giveaway closes on February 18th at 11:59PM.

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“Time spent with Family is worth every second.”

Wooden Wrist Watch

Reminder: Giveaway closes on Feb. 18th at 11:59PM. 10% coupon and $100.00 expires on 3/4/2017. 

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