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Nursery 7When my Husband and I found out that we were having a boy, we knew immediately our next steps as future parents – start preparing for the Star Wars nursery of our dreams! Both of us being die-hard fans of the intergalactic franchise, we combined both of our ideas and took to our empty canvas. Naturally, we logged onto Pinterest and started some research on Star Wars décor! The first thing that inspired us was a set of silhouette prints of Princess Leia and Han Solo “I love you, I know” portraits that we received as a gift from my Sister-in-Law one Christmas. This created the focal point for the nursery, as it set the tone for the entire room. We were also blessed with a new crib, dresser and changing table as a gift from my Parents; these formed the remaining base of the room. While researching nursery Star Wars décor, I was directed to this amazing Etsy Shop, called Wai Wai Art Prints. We found a wonderful set of Star Wars art prints and decided to model the colors of the room around those prints. Little by little, we found different items to fill the nursery with a touch of Star Wars for the arrival of Baby Donovan.

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Nursery 12A Star Wars-themed crib mobile was hard to find. There were many online to purchase that were handmade but ranged in price from $300.00 – $500.00! Being on a budget, I was not about to drop that amount of cash down on a crib mobile. I went ahead and decided to take on the project myself and make the crib mobile dolls by hand. I headed over to my local Michaels to purchase all the felt and took on a weeklong project during my first week of maternity leave. I bought a generic crib mobile, cut the dolls that came with it, and attached my handmade Star Wars dolls. At the end of the day, this meant a lot more to me, because it is something that I created for him, while I was pregnant with him.


From Burlington to Target, Kohls to Babies R Us and a LOT of online inspiration and shopping, we designed the Star Wars nursery of our dreams!

Nursery 6Now that Donovan has arrived, we are so excited to show him what we have been working on and looking forward to the day that we get to sit down and introduce Star Wars to him for the first time! Our only dilemma now is, which order do we start it?? 🙂








“Truly Wonderful the Mind of a Child is.” – Jedi Master Yoda






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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Star Wars theme. You guys did a great job decorating and how cool that you made the mobile yourself, I love it!

  2. You make it look so easy. Such a great theme and most everything is one of a kind. Donovan is one lucky baby. Luv you, Ashland!!

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